The House from A Christmas Story has accessibility ramps to the following locations: the House, Gift Shop and The Bumpus House. Accessibility is available to the only the first floor of the House and The Bumpus House.  The Gift Shop is a single story building and thus fully accessible.

Line Policy

This policy applies when self guided tours are in place and there is a line to enter the House from A Christmas Story. In order to be fair to everyone, guests with disabilities wait the same amount of time as other guests but they don’t have to wait in the regular line. Guests with disabilities will receive a reservation time comparable to the current wait time for entrance to the House. At the designated time the guest and up to three (3) companions can then enter the House through the alternate entrance.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is located in the parking lot between the House and Bumpus House. Guests with disabilities may also want to consider parking in the lot next to the gift shop for proximity to all of the building.  Please see our parking page for further details.

Restroom Accessibility

Restrooms in the Gift Shop are accessible for visitors with disabilities. Restrooms are unisex and allow for companion/family.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted in all areas and buildings.