‘A Christmas Story’ House expanding: More overnight guests and tribute to Bumpus hounds

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by Jen Steer

CLEVELAND– The iconic “A Christmas Story” House and Museum is expanding in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood.

The owners acquired the property next door, which is known to fans of the 1983 movie as the fictional home of the Parkers’ neighbors, the Bumpuses. You’ll remember the Bumpus hounds for tormenting Ralphie’s dad and stealing the Christmas turkey.

The “A Christmas Story” House started overnight rentals in June of last year. This fall, the Bumpus House will open to allow more people to stay overnight. Renovations are underway.

“With the coming addition of the Bumpus House we are excited to be able to offer our visitors additional lodging options,” said Brian Jones, founder and owner of “A Christmas Story” House. “We are always striving to offer new ways to make visiting Ralphie’s house on Cleveland Street a unique and memorable experience.”

The home next to the “A Christmas Story” House was owned by Joyce Seagro, who passed away in October 2016. She lived there during the filming of “A Christmas Story” and “My Summer Story,” which showed her house as the home of the Bumpus family.